Meetings Industry Association confirms government go ahead for small events

The Meeting’s Industry Association confirms that business events can still take place where they follow the pre-existing COVID-Secure guidelines, following clarification on last week’s ‘Rule of 6’ announcement from Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Jane Longhurst, chief executive of the Meetings Industry Association said in a statement:

“Throughout the course of the pandemic we have lobbied rigorously to demonstrate the harrowing impact COVID-19 has had on the industry, so we are delighted to have received confirmation today that business meetings and events holding up to 30 people can continue.

“While this is welcomed news, the lack of clarity provided to venues and event organisers respectively over the course of the last week does however hold significant implications which government must recognise. In the four days that have passed since the Prime Minister’s announcement, 76.5% of venues recently surveyed confirmed that this has led to direct event cancellations, with some cancelled events equating to values upwards of £50,000. This business reflects not just much-needed revenue, but a lifeline for many venues.

“Through our UK Venue survey last month we already know that venues have averaged a £2,398,600 loss of business to date, which coupled with restrictions on operations and the generation of revenue has led to some 126,000 job losses since the pandemic began. For a sector left at standstill for so long cancelled business can no longer be borne, with the impending end to the government furlough scheme forecasting a further 140,00 job losses.

If venues cannot open for business at larger capacities soon then they simply must be funded, before this £70bn economic driver is simply no more.”


(source: Event Industry News)

This crazy time will pass

These are crazy, unprecedented times.

When this period is over, and it will be over, we will need to get back to life.

To reconnecting and celebrating what we still have.

We will need to thank each other for being there to help us.

Both personally and professionally.

One thing that will help us get through what lies ahead are plans to bring life to the future.

What plans and dreams do you have for your future? What do you need to do to start making them happen now?

On a personal level we are here for each other as a team, supporting and comforting.

On a professional level we are here for you now.

Start thinking about how you will want to celebrate the life of your business and the lives of the people around you and give them something exciting to look forward to.

We must ground ourselves in the knowledge that this will pass and that life will return, for most of us, but sadly changed forever

Stay hopeful for a brighter future galvanised by shared human and business goals.

We are only a phone call away.