Turkish Delight

Istanbul is arguably the world’s largest open-air museum. Built on two continents it never fails to impress. The unique blend of East and West, the clash of Christianity and Islam provide great contrasts. Unmissable sights include Aya Sofya, a Byzantine church that is now a museum, the Blue Mosque so called for its exquisite blue tiles, and Topkapi Palace which was once home to the Ottoman Sultans.

Start your virtual event soaking up the atmosphere of the Grand Bazaar with its 4,000 shops, whip up some Turkish culinary classics, learn to speak a like a native and so much more.

The Blue Mosque – A jewel in Istanbul’s crown


You’ll get:

  • A box of Turkish Delight
  • Delicious Baklava, perfect with your morning coffee
  • An aromatic spice candle
  • Activity pack including a bitesized language lesson, music playlist & quiz questions
  • Two recipe cards, featuring a sweet treat and a savoury dish, to bring the Turkish classics into your home
  • An introduction to the city which draws every visitor deeper into its beating heart.

A Digital Library:

  • Your virtual city tour, taking in the breathtaking sights.
  • A playlist from inspiring female musicians, perfect for having on in the background whilst cooking.

Please contact AJ for further information.