Virginia Woolf: In her steps

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Virginia Woolf: In her steps – The Isle of Wight trail.

Virginia Woolf

If you want a new and enhanced understanding of Virginia Woolf’s life and work, spend some time on the Isle of Wight in her footsteps.

Dimbola Lodge, in Freshwater Bay, is the former home of Woolf’s Great Aunt; the pioneering Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron, whose striking Pre-Raphaelite style portraits quite often featured Woolf’s mother Julia Prinsep Duckworth.

Cameron bought two adjacent cottages, later linking them with a gothic tower, to become a quirky ramshackle building that seems entirely in tune with its former owner and her somewhat bohemian lifestyle.

The lodge became something of a creative hub at the heart of a community of artists, writers and thinkers dubbed the ‘Freshwater Circle’, and included the likes of Alfred Lord Tennyson, Lewis Carroll, Edward Lear, William Alingham and Cameron herself.

Dimbola Lodge
Dimbola Lodge

Tennyson’s nearby home, Farringford House was another cultural centre. It is one of the Island’s most important Grade 1 listed historic estates, and has been restored to its 19th century heyday.  In this secluded spot on the Isle of Wight, the new Poet Laureate and his family sought a retreat from the clamour of London life. But while Farringford provided a tranquil domestic haven, it also attracted many of Tennyson’s eminent friends, becoming a locus of intellectual and artistic activity.

Farringford House
Farringford House

It was on the island that Woolf wrote her only play Freshwater: a three act comedy satirizing the Victorian Era. Although only performed once in her lifetime. It has been translated into many languages and produced in many countries since.

Virginia Woolf researched the life of her great-aunt, publishing her findings in an essay titled Pattledom (1925) and later in her introduction to her 1926 edition of Cameron’s photographs.

Freshwater A Play

Queen Victoria, her island residence Osborne House and her love of the Isle of Wight, figured large in the lives of the Freshwater residents. Osborne House itself was a salon outpost for the Freshwater Circle.

Osborne House


Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville West

Woolf’s friend, lover and muse Vita Sackville-West.